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As someone who struggled with low self-esteem during early childhood (due to poverty and being bullied in school), my goal is to inspire, give hope to, and encourage children all over the world through the words in my books, “My Place in the Sky,” “ABC Inspirations,” “Billy the Bully,” “Teach Me…. Safe Touch. Don’t Touch!” and “A Day with My Dad.”

In fact, it was not until my adult years that I was able to overcome this low self-complexity. No child, regardless of his/her circumstances in life, should endure a lack of self-worth and hope.  And for this reason, I have vowed to help as many children as possible understand just how special and important they are. 

Writing is my passion… and I intend to use this passion as inspiration to touch the life and heart of every child. To quote a line from one of my books, “Billy the Bully”:

“Sometimes, being able to help people in need is the greatest prize life.”

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AddyBee123’s mission is to utilize bold, fun, colorful, creative videos and books to educate children while inspiring, motivating, and building esteem.


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